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Give a Gift of Securities to the United Church of Canada Foundation

Give the gift of stocks and mutual funds

Making a gift of securities to the United Church of Canada Foundation is a way to give that is meaningful and beneficial to all parties. You may choose to transfer ownership of stock, mutual funds, or other publicly-listed securities to a charity, who will then sell them and use the resulting proceeds to contribute to the fund or cause of your choosing.

Connect with the Foundation

We are here to talk to you and help you decide how to make a meaningful contribution to the ministry and work you love. Call the Foundation office at 1-866-340-8223, or fill the form out below.

    Why should I make stock and mutual fund gifts?

    When you make a gift of stocks or mutual funds to the United Church of Canada Foundation, you are making a larger gift than if you had sold the securities yourself and donated the resulting money to the Foundation. This is because the government does not collect capital gains taxes on securities that have been given to charitable organizations. In the case of substantial gifts, this means that your contribution would be significantly larger than if you sold the securities yourself.

    The table to the right illustrates a case where a $50,000 gift of securities was made to the Foundation. The original purchase price of the securities was $25,000, and the marginal tax rate was 46%. Notice how giving the securities directly to the Foundation resulted in a larger overall gift, a change that is also reflected in the final tax receipt.

    Give directly to Foundation

    Sell independently and give post-tax

    Original purchase price


    Current market value


    Tax on capital gains


    Your tax receipt


    Your tax credit


    “Charitable donations are the best way to reduce one’s income tax while helping others at the same time. Now, instead of writing a cheque, to make my annual gift to the church I arrange to transfer mutual fund units with the help of my financial advisor.”

    Can I specify what will be done with my gift?

    Yes, all gifts made to the United Church of Canada Foundation may be directed to specific funds, causes, or organizations. In the case of gifts of securities, you may specify that your gift go to any of the following:

    • The United Church of Canada Foundation, in general
    • A specific fund in the Foundation
    • A specific congregation
    • Mission & Service
    • Any Canadian charity whose mission and goals do not conflict with those of the United Church

    How do I make a gift of securities?

    We encourage you to call our Foundation office so that we can help you through the donation process, and to ensure that your gift will directly benefit the causes of your choice. Please give us a call: 1-866-340-8223.

    You will be asked to fill out a Transfer Form, which will be sent to the Foundation and to your broker. Your broker will then transfer the specified securities to the Foundation, at which point we sell the securities as soon as possible and then pass on the proceeds to the organization(s) you listed on the form. The entire process takes three weeks. If your gift is time-sensitive, please call us before starting the process.

    Your gift will be subject to a nominal 1.5% fee capped at $250.

    Find a home for your gifts

    What do you want to accomplish with your giving? Do you want to build or strengthen communities of faith? Is seeking environmental justice important to you? Or, do you hope to create new youth and young adult ministry opportunities in your church? Whatever your passion, the Foundation can help you support the ministries that matter the most to you. Explore our established ministry funds, or contact us to talk about creating opportunities to support new causes, groups, and regions.


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