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Investment Partners

Meet our investment partners

The United Church of Canada Foundation is grateful for the partnership of several financial companies and organizations that help us transform your gifts into meaningful, sustainable support for the United Church of Canada.

The Foundation has independently developed a series of Socially Responsible Investment Policies that enable us to make investments into organizations that align with the values and mission of the United Church. We work with our partners to ensure that our investments are always at least 96% compliant with these policies.

Connect with the Foundation

If you have any questions or concerns about our apporaches to investments or how to contact our investment partners, please reach out to us. Call the Foundation office at 1-866-340-8223, or fill the form out below.

    Fiera Capital

    Fiera Capital manages the bulk of the Foundation’s assets in a portfolio that is comprised of stocks, fixed-income investments, and a small cash component. Fiera is careful to choose best-in-sector companies with regards to environmental impact, social responsibility (for employees and the communities the company works in) and of course companies with good governance practices.

    Partners for church organizations investments

    Investing independently of the Foundation is a great way to ensure that your investments closely align with a belief or mission that is special to your congregation or organization. However, finding worthwhile investments with values that align with your own can be challenging, especially for smaller groups.

    We are here to help! The Foundation has partnerships with Canadian investment firms that will be able to assist you in building your investment portfolio.

    Frontier Capital Funds

    Frontier Capital Funds Inc. was established by Canoe Financial to manage the accounts of United Church organizations. Canoe Financial is a 100% Canadian-owned mutual fund company with over $6.2 billion in assets. Over 180 accounts have been established by over 132 communities of faith and United Church congregations, the vast majority of which are invested in the Canoe Asset Allocation Class Portfolio (series D).

    Genus Capital Management

    Genus Capital Management is an affiliate partner of the Foundation. The Vancouver-based independent investment management firm has $1.6 billion in assets and has been a leader in the sustainable investment movement for more than three decades. Any United Church organization or member that wishes to invest at least $250,000 can access The United Church Sustainable Portfolio Program to create customized sustainable portfolio options.


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