We sing of a Church, through and for the ages

We sing of a Church, through and for the ages

Ensuring that congregations like yours thrive well into the future

Congregations are one of the greatest gifts God has given to us.

Whether you are a new, fledgling congregation or belong to one that’s older than The United Church of Canada itself, all are gatherings of faith, and testament to God’s love and glory.

Strong communities of faith are key to bringing God’s love to a broken and hurting world.

Each congregation is distinct and splendid in its own way, made beautiful by its members and ministry. They are safe berths from the storms of the world, a place for worship and shared joy, where we find support in sorrow.

Wherever two or three are gathered…

Congregations and their ministries are the body of Christ that serve the needs of the world with gentleness and mercy. The work you do is as important for the future as it is today.

Congregations have been – and continue to be – beacons of generosity. Friends and members make generous gifts to support their congregation: to pay for building repairs or new places of worship entirely; pay our ministers and leaders of faith; support ministries that help our neighbours.

As we look forward to celebrating the centennial of The United Church of Canada in 2025, we welcome the opportunity to live out God’s promise for the next 100 years.

… so the next generation would know them,
even the children yet to be born,
and they in turn would tell their children.
– PSALM 78:6

How will you ensure that your congregation will be active in 20 years?

50 years?

Or another 100?

Finding strong and stable stewardship in the Foundation

Together, let’s ensure our church remains a strong and vibrant presence in our local communities and throughout our country.

In all likelihood, your congregation already has investment funds and long-term trusts in place. And like most congregations, you probably rely on volunteers to ensure that they are managed correctly. These volunteers effectively hold the long-term health of their congregations in their hands. It’s a great responsibility! And a challenging one. In times like these, they may welcome the support we offer.

The United Church of Canada Foundation was created to manage the investments of the United Church, including those of congregations.

More and more, faithful stewards are discovering the benefits of establishing endowment funds at the Foundation in order to support their ministry’s works, values, and missions now and far into the future.

Endowments are the key

Endowment funds are key to a stable, effective, and meaningful way for your congregation to support itself and secure its future with current trusts, assets, and future gifts.

For those concerned about sustainability, endowment funds are an investment in future growth. As your fund grows so, too, does your endowment’s income. This income is then used to support the ministries that matter most to your congregation.

Interest and profits from investments are re-invested into the fund while also providing a regular source of income for the endowment holder – your congregation.

Your fund is a meaningful expression of your ministry

  • In setting up your endowment fund, you choose the purpose and what the proceeds of your fund will benefit. This doesn’t have to be set in stone; there’s flexibility to respond to changing needs over time.

  • Profits are re-invested into your fund, creating consistent growth of your assets.

  • The Foundation provides regular reports and payments based on the performance of your fund, which can be used as you wish.

  • Our Socially Responsible Investment Policies ensure that we make investments in organizations that align with the values and mission of the United Church.

God is calling…
How will you respond?

What bold vision for the future has God placed on the heart of your congregation?

In the coming years:

  • How will your congregation help bring climate justice to the world?

  • How will it stand up to injustice and racism?

  • How will your community of faith seek reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples?

  • And how will your church not simply survive, but continue to strive… and thrive?! How will it grow to be an answer to people’s prayers for the next 100 years?

United, we are called to act with great boldness in our second century as The United Church of Canada. Together, we can create a more just planet, and celebrate God’s abundance both here at home and around the globe.

God IS calling. You can be the answer!

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but
whoever gathers little by little will increase it.
– PROVERBS 13:11

Across Canada, the Foundation has been entrusted with stewarding and managing long-term funds and endowments on behalf of many congregations and communities of faith.

Two long-time members of St. John’s Stevensville
United Church, just south of Niagara Falls, Ontario, left a combined $10 million bequest to their congregation. Grateful and mindful of the enduring purpose of the gift, St. John’s Stevensville decided to entrust the gift to the Foundation, creating three endowment funds that will forever support the life-giving work of their community of faith.

Ask yourself:
If your congregation received a large bequest, will you be able to manage it for the long-term?

Located in Waterloo, Ontario, Emmanuel United Church has sung God’s praises since the early 1850s when it started as the Emmanuel Evangelical Church. Emmanuel joined The United Church of Canada in 1968 with the rest of the Evangelical United Brethren congregations. Today, a veritable ‘chorus’ of families in the congregation can claim a multi-generational connection to their Church’s much-loved ministry of music.

Emmanuel’s Ministry of Music Endowment was started with a $5,000 gift from a choir member. Thanks to her gift, in time the fund will be music to people’s ears for generations to come.

Please consider:
Does your congregation have a viable plan to maintain the ministries and programs that are important to you and your members for the next 20, 50, or 100 years?

Throughout its long and vibrant history, Nova Scotia’s Pictou United Church has been blessed by those who, in leaving a legacy, remembered the church in their wills. Both the congregation and its ministries have been supported over the years through a number of members leaving gifts in their wills or because members named the church as the charity they wanted their friends and family to make gifts to in their memory.

Today, the congregation gives thanks for the church’s faith-filled history by welcoming both the challenges and opportunities of being a people of faith making a difference in their local community and around the world.

They joyfully transferred nearly $50,000 to the Foundation and instructed that 25% be used in support of The United Church of Canada for Mission and Service. The remaining 75% will provide support to Pictou United for the church’s general operations; local outreach; debt reduction; and capital improvements as they become necessary.

Something to think about:
How would sources of sustainable and increasing income help your church share Christ’s message of hope, peace, joy, and love?

In Summary…

Endowment funds equip and empower congregations to do the work that God is calling them to do in the world while providing sustainable support for those same ministries.

A growing number of congregations are investing their funds and gifts through The United Church of Canada Foundation. In doing so, they are ensuring that the vital ministries of their congregations will be supported for years and years to come.

United, we support the ministries that are meaningful to you.

United, we will help your generosity grow like never before.

United, we can create a world of difference to the benefit of your congregation and your community for years to come.

We welcome your questions

As we approach the centennial of the creation of The United Church of Canada, we are inviting every congregation and community of faith to create endowments that will sustain them for the next 100 years.

We hope you share our bold vision of the future: A future where every United Church is able to live with respect in Creation, to love and serve others, to seek justice and resist evil.

To create an endowment fund for a particular ministry or to support your congregation is a significant decision.

You’re going to have questions because your congregation or community of faith is unique. Please click the button below to connect with the Foundation team to discuss how establishing a congregational endowment fund can be a blessing to your community of faith in the coming century!

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