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Establishing an Endowment as an Individual or Family

Personal Endowment funds

Establishing an endowment fund as an individual or family is an incredible way to leave a legacy and support the United Church project or ministry that means the most to you. Under the stewardship of The United Church of Canada Foundation, your fund will provide a predictable, steady source of income to the United Church ministries closest to your heart.

Start your endowment fund today

We encourage those interested in establishing an endowment fund to contact us so we can collaboratively work through the establishment process. Call the Foundation office at
, or fill the form out below.

    How does a Personal Endowment Fund work?

    A personal endowment fund holds capital in perpetuity and – once it reaches a balance of $15,000 – can begin awarding grants. A gift of any size can serve as the beginning of a Personal Endowment Fund, and it can be added to at any time. You may also choose to establish or complete your gift with a bequest in your will. Until your fund grows to reach the $15,000 threshold, income from the fund is reinvested.

    Once your fund has matured, the Board of Directors will annually distribute 4.25% of the average value of your fund over the last two years to the causes of your choice.

    There is a nominal administration fee to cover the costs of maintaining and tracking your fund. Any remaining income is reinvested in your fund.

    “My uncle’s rationale for his gift was simple: without the United Church, he never would have met my Aunt Kathryn, whom he was introduced to at Toronto’s Timothy Eaton Church. They married in 1966 and enjoyed over 50 years together!”

    Start your Personal Endowment Fund today!

    We want to help you create and cement your legacy while contributing to a cause that matters to you.

    Call the Foundation office at 1-866-340-8223, or email us: to begin the process of creating your own personal endowment

    Learn more about Legacy Giving

    In the spirit of generosity, we ask you to consider leaving a legacy gift to The United Church of Canada Foundation. Your gift not only will provide ongoing support for the causes and beliefs you treasure most, it will provide a legacy of your faith in action.

    Your light will be a beacon that shines for years to come!
    Learn more about Legacy Giving by downloading the PDF below.


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