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Grant and Scholarship-sponsored studies

Supporting academic study of United Church researchers and scholars

Scholarships facilitated by The United Church of Canada and The United Church of Canada Foundation have provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of the work of United Church researchers and academics. This page is a sampling of some of that work.

In 1972, W. Norman McLeod did something truly amazing: he created a trust that has been contributing to the post-graduate education of our ordained leaders for nearly 45 years. In the past decade, his scholarship has awarded more than $100,000 to United Church ministers who have furthered their studies in an effort to be more effective leaders in our congregations.

McGeachy Senior Scholars


The McGeachy Senior Scholarship is designed to enhance the work of a church leader at a creative moment in their life. The Scholarship is meant to provide income while the Scholar takes a significant amount of time to create a project of enduring value to the United Church. Church leaders have created books, academic papers, and other projects thanks in part to the McGeachy Senior Scholarship. The award is offered every other year.

Rowntree Scholarship


The Rowntree Scholarship provides grants for research that explores, draws together, and reflects on fresh expressions of The United Church of Canada in our changing social context. Rowntree Scholars help to lead the United Church into the new and emerging Canadian reality, discerning how to best minister changing congregations and communities. Grants are made in support of individuals working in United Church–related institutions. This award is offered every year.

Roy M. Davidson Trust Award


The purpose of the Roy M. Davidson Award is to attract and retain outstanding people in the service of the theological colleges within Canada, associated with The United Church of Canada, by acknowledging and promoting excellence in teaching and scholarship. The award is available to any faculty member teaching in a United Church-related theological school through application or nomination. The award is offered every other year.

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